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Our Vision

Indigenous Attractions will foster a community that recognizes and show appreciation through Unity, Collaboration, Sharing, Inspiration, Honor, Connect, and Celebration.

Our Values

UNITY : Bring indigenous and non-indigenous people together in a spirit of understanding, and unification, working together to make this facility a huge success. Many friendships and connections will be made, which we hope will lead to positive changes in the future.


COLLABORATION : A bringing together of Indigenous artists from the rivers, villages, communities and cities of  the world to collaborate and learn from each other. To collaborate with indigenous people from other countries and share art, music and dance. 

SHARING: A sharing of knowledge, wisdom, skill, experience especially between the older and younger generation. Gratitude to the Fashion Outlet Mall for sharing their space with Indigenous Attractions.


INSPIRATION : Inspiring the indigenous and non-indigenous youth to love and value their culture, and be proud of the essence of who they are. That the world values their culture and is interested to learn more and experience the artistic talents on display. To create a sense of pride in their heritage and ancient customs.


HONOR : Honor and pay respects to mother earth and the ancestors who continue to guide us. The dancing, music, storytelling will be in honor of those who have gone before us, and an honoring of the talents, gifts and abilities that those performing have been given.


CONNECT : Friendships will be formed, connections will be made.  Indigenous Attractions is a place and time to bring people together who care for the planet, the ancient cultures and the future and connect with the youth to help them incorporate a sustainable path forward.


CELEBRATION : This is a celebration of the indigenous people of the planet, expressed through music, dance, art and storytelling. A time to rejoice and appreciate the wisdom and beauty that they offer us. A time of joy and love as people come together to witness this in a spirit of collective consciousness that gives us all hope for the future and a reclaiming of the indigenous voice.

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